About Us

Since the 90s, ADT has been providing security services and is now a household name in the residential and small business market sectors in Singapore. The company has joined SECOM Group, an international security service provider, with effect from 1 October 2020 and was renamed SECOM Smart (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in July 2021.

SECOM Smart is committed to continuing to provide reliable, quality service and innovative products to all its customers responding to their needs and the constantly changing environment.

Established in 1962, SECOM is Japan’s premier security services provider. SECOM’s priority has been to develop services and systems that ensure the safety and peace of mind, as well as the comfort and convenience, of our customers. This commitment and SECOM’s vision for the security services industry is encapsulated in the ANSHIN* Platform, a service infrastructure designed to provide peace of mind to people in their everyday lives, as well as to society as a whole.

*ANSHIN is Japanese for “peace of mind.”

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With effect from 1st July 2021, ADT Integrated Security Solutions Pte. Ltd. has been renamed to SECOM Smart (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.